Huntress Spirit of the Night (1995)

Genre: Horror
Release: August 05, 1995

Tara returns to her ancestral estate only to have her clothes explode off her body and a white light enter her chest. Afterwards she's tormented by strange desires and dreams of running through the woods. Her cave-dwelling boyfriend is no help to her. Meanwhile, false friends plot to steal her inheritance and a determined hunter seeks to slay the new werewolf in town.


Jenna Bodnar ... Tara Wexford
George Alexandru ... Stranger on a Train
Virgil Andriescu ... Train Conductor
Constantin Cotimanis ... Geoffrey
Stefan Velniciuc ... Priest at Funderal
Charles Cooper ... Ty Bodi
Blair Valk ... Michelle
Diana Marcu ... Young Tara
Andrea Nedelcu ... Young Michelle
Mihaela Mihut ... Danielle Wexford
Adrian Titieni ... Man at Roadblock
David Starzyk ... Alek Devane
Ion Siminie ... Roland

Mark S. Manos

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